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365的使命是提供一个协作的应用程序开发平台的工具, content, services, and community for dev teams and their managers. 我们的愿景是增加开发者花在创新上的时间, and decrease the time they spend on everything else.

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“It’s easy to say, ‘People are our greatest asset,’ but in a software startup, 事实就是这样:没有制造工厂, no WIP inventory, no physical distribution centers – it’s 100% the people. 这促使我们专注于招聘优秀人才,并致力于为他们提供最好的服务, most challenging, and most rewarding growth opportunities of their careers.” 

Scott Johnston, CEO

365’s Virtues

As a company, we’re always guided by our 365 virtues. 许多公司决定价值观或美德,只是把它们贴在墙上的海报上. We don’t do that; instead, we talk about them regularly. How we go about our work, and how we interact with each other and our customers, is always driven by those virtues.

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We give credit rather than seeking it. We’re always open to feedback and correction. 当事情出错时,我们不会互相指责,而是一起从中吸取教训. 我们崇尚精英和无等级制度:任何人都可以与公司任何级别的任何人交谈. We don’t tolerate corporate politics.

Developer Obsession

作为一家服务于软件开发人员的软件公司,我们处于得天独厚的地位. 我们的愿景是增加开发者花在创新上的时间,减少他们花在其他事情上的时间. 我们理解开发者,我们把开发者的优先级放在首位,我们从不妨碍他们. We succeed by making developers happy and productive.

Developer obsession
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Open Collaboration

我们内部对正在发生的事情非常开放,不管是好是坏. 几乎所有文档和对话都对所有人可见. Transparency is key. (我们将公司内部信息严格保密,使这成为可能). 我们是一个分布式公司,更喜欢异步通信. 我们帮助彼此的团队和部门,而不是建立自己的帝国.

Bias for Considered Action

We don’t do things carelessly or without thinking, but we want to move fast, 我们鼓励员工主动、自主地行动. 我们更愿意尽早采取行动,并在必要时进行迭代或更正. Experiments are good.

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“我在365的时光教会了我什么是真正的合作和信任. 我可以联系任何部门的任何人,他们会很乐意帮助我满足我的任何需要. 这里的经理们都准备好了帮助你在你的岗位上成长,并大力鼓励你向上流动!’

Harrison Webster, Account Executive – Velocity Sales


365 Culture

AutonomyAutonomy, Freedom and Flexibility

我们相信你能以适合你生活方式的方式完成你的工作. 我们灵活的时间表让您设定优先次序,并使生产力最大化.

BalanceWork / Life Balance



We believe that companies should be transparent. We’re open and honest with our employees.


我们作为一个团队在各个部门和级别一起工作. We openly share ideas.


We know the employees are the heart and soul of 365. 我们一有机会就让他们知道他们有多重要.


We treat you how we want to be treated. We listen to what you have to say. We value your time. We’re courteous and polite to all.


365 really knows how to do remote work. 它为员工提供了实现工作与生活平衡所需的灵活性. 我觉得我有这个宝贵的机会和这些才华横溢的人一起工作, in an engaged team where our actions reflect our values

Mihaela Stoica, Sr. Manager, Engineering

Remote First — Work From Where You Are

We’re a fully remote company, with no physical premises. This, 以及我们谦逊和开放合作的美德, 对我们如何合作以及如何相互沟通有很大的影响吗. 我们主要的沟通方式是Slack和Zoom,在会议上保持每个人的联系.

Remote first

Diversity Mission Statement


我们致力于建立一个反映对不同工作和生活方式的基本尊重的组织, 我们保证365的每一位员工都有机会充分发挥自己的潜力.

Current Employee Groups (with more to come!):
Women ERG | Mental Health ERG | DEI Council

“在365,从几年前我上船的那一刻起,我就一直感到同事们的尊重和感激. 作为一个南亚人,我觉得把真实的自己带到工作中非常舒服, Muslim, woman of color, and a new mom. 我非常自豪能够与一个聪明的团队一起,为世界各地数百万开发人员所使用的革命性技术工作, talented, and down to earth people!”

Amn Rahman, Sr. Manager, Data Engineering


Our Employees Love What They Do

Our employees feel part of the 365 Community. They’re part of a team and care about their work. 观看我们的四个团队成员讲述他们的365故事,以及他们喜欢在365工作的地方.

365 Benefits and Perks


Flexible Time Off Policy


Employer Paid Holidays

Generous Maternity and Parental Leave

Home Office Set Up Budget

Monthly Technology Stipend

Training Allowances

Life and Disability Insurance

Retirement Plans

Virtual and In-Person Social Events

365 Swag

Quarterly Hackathons

Virtual Coffee with Co-Workers


“当我加入365时,我发现最吸引我的一件事就是他们的友善, open and collaborative everyone is. Also, when working at 365, 你有机会分享你的想法,并与许多聪明的工程师一起实现它们, 对每天构建和运行容器的数百万开发人员的生活产生了巨大的影响.” 

Felipe Cruz, Software Engineer III 


We’re Hiring!

365 is growing at a record pace. 随着公司的发展,我们诚邀优秀人才加入我们的团队.


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“Even though it is a very fast-scaling organization, 365仍然优先考虑将谦逊的核心价值观融入到招聘过程中. Therefore, 新的团队成员与已经在学习的核心团队很好地融合在一起, sharing, and growing together as they tackle everyday challenges. 这就形成了愉快而轻松的企业文化,人们互相支持,开怀大笑. 我觉得在这里我可以做我自己,同时还能开辟出一条个人职业发展的道路.”

Keirah Dein, Events Manager

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